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The Circle Drill.

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

The idea is to pocket all 15 without hitting a rale or caroming and I think without leaving the cirle. This is not perfect but I think you get the idea. It teachs draw/stun control.

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  1. Yeah, and great music too.

  2. Zen man! I’m gonna hire a little girl to ride circles around me when I practice. Beautiful! Whoever you are you have a lovely family and (from all appearances) a really good shot at a great future together. And hug that lil’ one for me 🙂

  3. Great Job!
    I sure wouldn’t have a kid running around whilst I was practising, especially whilst making a video! Got my respect!!
    The guy is totally competent. Hope he makes the TV stages someday. I’d like to see him play a REAL game!

  4. why does it look like your playing with the end of a broom handle ?

  5. i bet ur friends hate playing with u =p

  6. plz all check out my 11 ball pool run comment and rate.thnx.

  7. Thanks for posting this collection of practice drills. i’ve had a difficult time finding a better source of beneficial drills in such a central place. much less having someone demonstrate and explain each one.

    hope to see you ont he other side of a table one day mate.

  8. hey i bet you have a SHOT at winning a tournament

  9. very good drill, actually I improve my game and for the first time finish one whole rack 9 ball from break to pocketing the 9 ball.

  10. nice music !

  11. BillyJackets, you must not have kids,if you did, you would know we learn to tune them out, I cant even see a girl riding her bike…lol….Just kidding, dont attack me…

  12. superb mha..!!ce se plimba a mik q tricicleta prin spate=)))..!!

  13. great job , hard to focus with a munchkin on a bike running around the table lol. You also get dad of the day award for not sending her away crying.

  14. Fellini was a Italian movie director, who created disjointed visual images. My comment was supposed to be a joke. I have received a lot of benefit from your videos. I just paid a local pool hustler $100 for a three hour lesson. The center piece of his lesson was this brainwashing exercise. It is nice to have your video to refer to as I work on it. Thanks.

  15. “Fellinisk feel” Explain…..

  16. The classic music is nice, although couple with the little girl on a trike it gives you video a Fellinisk feel. Keep up the good work and thanks.



  18. Hey, all you poolsters should take a look at the game called Cowboy Pool in the BCA Rule Book. It will change your life. Also, Kiss Pool and Hooked as described by Byrne in Wonderful World of Pool and Billiards.

  19. i liked the “L drill” and the “brainwashing drill” more , but this one is very good also, and thank you again man for posting those vids

  20. nice drill done it alot myself i now to it in order to make it more challenging

  21. thats a good drill, do u make up these drills by urself?!?!

  22. 02.10 – that one’s outside 😉

  23. You are awesome, FF. You are a great person for doing all these videos to help us n00bs. I will hopefully be getting my pool table this year.

  24. I bought it last week. I love it.

  25. Nice! When did you get the Pred Sneaky? Your little girl is awesome!

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