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The Ultimate Pool Drill

By • Jan 17th, 2009 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

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  1. Great as always!

  2. This drill is very humbling. It taught me a lot about my game. Mainly, my force follow shot needs a lot of work. I will keep working on it until it is mine. Keep up the good work.

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  4. And – of course; Talent, Knowledge and Skill to go with that equipment! Working on new amazing things to rock the billiard world. Stay tuned in 2009! Cheers ~ Oyster

  5. Thanks for the comment. Hey, with the equipment that you have you could post more and better stuff than I do.

  6. You are doing exceptional videos with a true enthusiastic focus for the future of the Cueing Arts! Follow your passion and never give up!

  7. great drill Marcus 5*

  8. Awesome drill! I haven’t even tried it yet, but i can tell that this is just the drill i was looking for. Thanks man!

  9. Excellent instructional, and a very nice execution, on the 7-8 and getting back in line as well. Outstanding drill. as soon as I get the rail drill, I will be on this. Thank you for your work. I recommend you to everyone I meet, all the time.

  10. this drill looks very difficult.

  11. Same table, new cloth and rubber. It was given to me by Simonis Cloth. Simonis is truly the best in the business for billiards cloth.

  12. Stay at it.

  13. Glad I could help. Tell your friends about the videos.

  14. Great! Tell your friends about the drill. Email or IM the link. Every time someone new discovers me the closer this comes to being a full time gig.
    Take care,

  15. this is awesome…im playin a small tourny on sunday at in a little pool gunna practice with this drill tho looks like it will help me with my speed control and angle shots a lot..great vid..5 star

  16. probably one of the best drills. im going to start on it tonight!!! thanx

  17. I ve been telling my friends about you 🙂
    Nice amigo. 5 stars

  18. that looks hard and you really use ur english to advantege so props to you

  19. Great video, looks like a testing drill always good for developing control.

  20. Thanks for all your time and effort!

  21. awesome drill and execution!shows exactly how to relax and get back into shape without can’t always rely on perfect position.heck if the cue ball went where we wanted it to instead of where we shot it to we would all be playing for pro championships!!

  22. 5/5!

  23. best video in a while 5 stars as always

  24. Top drill. Very difficult. Spent the last hour or so working on it, and still haven’t run ’em out. Maddening!

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