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pool tricks amagazin snooker tricks(billar pro)

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots, Snooker Videos

pool tricks magazin snooker tricks(billar pro)

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  1. even if theres magnets on the bottle trick, its still skill.

  2. Pool balls are plastic. Hardened plastic, its not magnetic. Even if they were magnetic, the impact of the balls would sway the bottle as well, thus tipping it over. I agree with Tmac.

  3. wow…….. X.X

  4. nice vid. Click here if u support a good message, trying to get to 400 views thanks for helping. the video is “it’s cool to be kind”

  5. deffinately magnets when you look at 3:34-3:37

  6. asian.. doesnt count… we all know they can fly like super man if they want… just havent shown anyone yet…

  7. not true. i think he puts a little dent on the sides to balance it, but he doesnt use magnets on any of this

  8. magnets at 3:19 aswell

  9. eres un pendejo chinito chistoso no ganas un torneo de pull ni en los apralimpicos

  10. no fucking way

  11. otro puto plagio, hazte tus propios videos y no t los bajes y los metas enm youtube cn tu nombre

  12. agree agree 😀

  13. nomatter what, even if he used a bit a cheatin, this guy is AMAZING, AWESOME. And I say that because his doin it in front of the croud not like the youtube posts that you can film in 1 month.

  14. semih sayginer dedigin bu adam gibi 10 tane eder bu kim ki onun parayla bardaga sokma numarasini semih sayginer 3 topta yapip

  15. magnets or something like that at 1:35:)) pretty cool tricks though

  16. chino quliao apenas abre los ojos
    y vee los hoyos xD!

  17. 1ihkdfiasyfc5asd8rwe

  18. 1ihkdfiasyfc5asd8rwe

  19. bu herif semihe 5 basar ya..

  20. those guys r AMAZINGG!!!!

  21. my mistake 🙂

  22. 04:50 is bettter

  23. very carefully…

    or magnets…

  24. los e visto mejiores y sin tanto espectaculo

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