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2008 World Snooker Championship – O’Sullivan Hendry x23 #2

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Twenty third frame of the semi final match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry in the 2008 World Snooker Championships. Part 2.

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  1. Hendry was nearly at the top of his game, nearly back to his best and Ronnie comes along and thrashes him! Genius

  2. Great match!
    Thanks, as always, David.

  3. great, just great.
    i don’t no why ronnie played that last red so carelessly but, no matter. incredible game. enjoy it.
    thanks david.

  4. another wonderful upload. thanks dude!

  5. What a fantastic match! Stephen : Ronnie really should have been the final.
    Hendry played quite well, it’s sad that the result was so clear, it creates the impression of Hendry playing bad that is not true.

  6. thank you for these postings. i was on call in the hospital yesterday and couldnt watch it on tv.
    great match, perhaps one of the best i can remember.
    Great crowed chearing stephen on, despite popularity of ronnie.
    for stephen he was a great sportsman. ronnie was awesome, i wish he could stay focused and produce high standards consistantly.

  7. Graeat stuff theis David! Me too, hope you’ll post the final…

  8. it was a great pleasure watching this game. thank you very much and i hope you will bring us the final. thank you again ,thanks bunch

  9. thanks.. 🙂

  10. great!! son buenos los dos

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