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billiards break 151

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Tips, Snooker Videos

break billiards 151 with a little postmans knock top of the table. Check out the “no smoking over snooker table” signage on the lamp.

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  1. just watched it again and that is some slow table, still a good break, but if i played a lot of those top of the table shots on the table i play at god no way could you keep the red up there

  2. good break – a bit careless st the end there!

  3. hi m8 not bad play on a decent quick table tho and u wouldnt got some of them but as im a proffessional and a coach u kept good control nearley all the way through the break

  4. If you tried a couple of in-offs before that cannon you would have crossed 200 easily. Nice clip. Have you seen any online table where they play the three ball game? Or a software. Like you I need to play alone here in the middle east. No one plays the three ball game here.

  5. Check out the Walter Lindrum videos. He was the greatest cueman ever !!! Nice break. Good to see a fellow Sydney billiards player.

  6. Wow, Geet and You!!
    I have seen Geet Sethi playing and he plays great billiards
    Anyways, my email is nvedia at gmail dot com

  7. Thanks ‘istabraug’ I agree with your comments, i have a good billiard break on one of my clips made at the same club. As for who I rate as the best player, please elaborate ‘snooker or billiards’ and do you mean now or of all time ? As for me I haven’t played any great players, I have never been to the U.K. though I believe Geet Sethi is coming to Sydney pretty soon and maybe Geet and I might get in a game.

  8. Yep nice break ace. The table u play on looks on the slow side, far better 4 playing billiards in my view ie u have more control over cannons, especially drop cannons. On fast tables the loosing hazard game is the best scoring method. Who do u rate as the best player u have seen play paulsy?? U no any players over here??

  9. ok, can I have your email? I need to discuss few things about the billiards? Thanks!

  10. Sydney Australia.

  11. Excellent!
    Which place do you belong to?

  12. excellent great control, was it not better to pot the red into the middle rather than play the canon and lose position although you will be disapointed not to get that last canon, but its great to see you keeping billiards alive

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