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Ronnie O’Sullivan wins World Snooker Championship 2001

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Ronnie O’Sullivan clinches his first World Championship title after a thrilling 18-14 victory over John Higgins at The Crucible.

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  1. Ronnie `the Rocket` O`Sullivan,nice clearence in the final frame.

  2. titles dont neccessarily indicate the greatest player. what is more important is to lok at their highest levels of play. at ronnie’s highest level he’s untouchable.

  3. Ronnie made 9 147s

  4. I still get goosebumps watching this. The memories come flooding back.

  5. Yes sorry my mistake I was actually thinking of the combined total of the 2 before he got one against M Selby and counted 15 between them but if you watched the semi final of the Welsh open Ronnie was on a 147 and got an amazing 143 which in my opinion was as good as a 147.

  6. what a bullshit !!

    both player have 8 “147

  7. No Ronnie has not broken the record he is about 200 behind,Stephen has about 720 odd and Ronnie has about 520 odd tournament century breaks,I think you mean 147’s Ronnie has 15 and Stephen has 8,but Hendry was the first master of the 147’s before Ronnie and well he set the standards on that front.

  8. Has he not already broken it?

  9. Both these players are true snooker legends.I mean my highest break on a full size table is 144,and with Ronnie and the great nugget still playing my love fro snooker still burns but Stephen Hendry was a great canny player and I personally would have loved to have played him you can only learn watching Stephen play but Ronnie he is what i see as a 1 off genius and I hope 1 day he breaks Hendrys record of most century breaks.

  10. some of you really do talk drivvel!.ronnie is a tremendous player,but he,s not the greatest.stephen hendrys the greatest ever,7 world titles not mention many many many more!!!!.

  11. ronnie osullivan is quite simply the greatest snooker player the world has ever seen, i cant believe he has only won 2 world championships, its criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The only thing im able to say: Wow.

  13. Wow incredible. We used to live just around the corner from him and he had a big banner up saying “Well Done Ronnie!” just after he won that world championship.

  14. great video m8!!!…keep the ronnie stuff going….he is the best!!…thanks a lot.

  15. incredible stuff mate! i love your video and hope you’ll upload a lot more ronnie videos! 🙂

  16. your stuff is so incredible keep it up… especially the ronnie stuff
    thanks a lot mate

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