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Snooker – 1992 World Final – Frame 32

By • Oct 21st, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Stephen Hendry vs Jimmy White 1992 Embassy World Snooker Final 2nd Day, Final Session…

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve had a nice 6-6 hours…. hehe! Brilliant quality, no sound lagging and all the comments in between frames! I think you and Fazzall are the best when in comes to posting snooker on you tube! Keep it up!! 🙂

  2. hendry was a snooker-monster! he is the best ever!!!!!!!!!

  3. The shot at 2:40 to split the pack: that’s just pure Hendry. He doesn’t hold back when the winning line is in sight and keeps playing positively.

    What a champion!

  4. that commentator makes me sleepy =)))
    and thanks god jimmy didn’t save the match ’cause the poor people there were probably already asleep=))

  5. how did jimmy miss that black…god…

  6. poor jimmy his nerves got the better of him every single time.

  7. I didn’t realise he was unpopular.

  8. seriously? was jimmy really 14-8 up? how could he let that lead slip?

  9. ok so hendry let o’sullivan win 12 in a row the other day then lol..

  10. can jimmy win the world title? i hope he does but time is seriously running out

  11. you gotta feel for Jimmy but also have to admire hendry’s profesionalism.Great player buts it a pitty jimmy didnt win at least 1

  12. I think part of the reason why Stephen is so unpopular is because he beat Jimmy White so many times at the world championships, especially the finals. Preventing the most popular player from winning the world title is bound to make you really unpopular.

  13. I personally thought Jimmy was affected by alcohol. So let Stephen won 10 consecutive frames.

  14. hendry is just the best player snooker has ever sown even if ronnie is also a huge talent

  15. Damn right, Ronnie O’Sullivan would’ve packed it in way before it got that bad.

  16. Dennis Taylor came back from 8-0 down against Steve Davis to win 18-17, I think that might be the biggest deficit.


  18. only hendry could come back from 8-14 to 18-14.he is amazing

  19. Coming back from 8-14 to win 18-14 is quite incredible. Do you know of a bigger deficit to have been deleted in a world final? You got any other world finals that you can post? Thanks.

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