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Snooker John Higgins v Graeme Dott 2004 2nd Round Frame 23

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

Graeme Dott held off a brave fightback from former world champion John Higgins to win their second round match 13-10.

Dott led 10-6 at the start of play and came back after Higgins won the first frame of the evening to take a 12-7 lead and move within sight of victory.

But the world number four suddenly hit form, rattling in breaks of 89 and 130 as he won three frames in a row.

Dott looked nervous, but finally got a chance and made a 62 break to book a quarter-final against David Gray.

Dott said he was surprised at Higgins’ display after beating his compatriot.

“I was always waiting for John to start bombarding me with breaks but they only came at the end,” admitted Dott.

“I have never seen John play as badly as that. After the first session, people said I should be further ahead, but I played badly too.

“I don’t know why so many top players have crashed out. Maybe the standard of everybody else is improving.”

Higgins said he needed help to improve his game after being knocked out of the tournament.

“I really need to see a sports psychologist,” said the Scot. “It’s not there at all for me. Or at least some days it’s there, some days it’s not.

“I suppose when you’re not winning, the more you doubt yourself. But out there today it was just torture.

“I just did not feel in control. It’s heartbreaking. But take nothing away from Graeme, he’s got a good chance.”


Second-round result (best of 25 frames):

J Higgins (Sco) 10-13 G Dott (Sco)

55-59 0-70 (70) 44-69 72-53 43-90 (78) 60-65 63-39 61-18 17-75 84-49 (73) 0-72 (72) 43-80 39-71 (64) 64-54 82-0 7-74 79-22 (71) 33-63 0-68 (54) 89-0 (89) 74-52 (52 Dott) 130-4 (130) 24-63 (62)

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  2. yea i agree.
    but im sure he’ll play better.
    lets just wish him good luck 🙂

  3. agree’ng with you totally but he needs to get in shape again this year because till now it was not much !

  4. Graeme Dott may not have the looks, but he DEFINATELY has the skills. He’s an awesome player, and I think he should get more credit for what he has achieved.

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