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Snooker: Ronnie O’Sullivan (147) vs Mark Williams

By • Oct 24th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

World Championship 2008, Last 16, Maximum Break!

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  1. what a way to win a match;)
    goooooooooooooo rocket!!!!!!

  2. Ronnie Rules!

  3. he looks like Mr Bean to me aswell

  4. does anyone ave a clip of when dennis taylor and willie thorne are commentating and dennis falls over and grabs willies tie and nearly chokes him its so funny

  5. he is good

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  10. BBC? Looks more than Eurosport!

  11. ChisZaney If you dont like it then DONT FUCKING WATCH IT !!!

  12. Why is this in fucking Hungarian or whatever it is when it was on the BBC?

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  14. what channel is this?

  15. so why r u watching this video for then.

  16. O’Sullivan is not play snooker he is a wizardman.

  17. is it just me or he really looked like Mr. Bean?

  18. Snooker = Snooze

  19. sweet frame, clik me to see most popular game analysis & man utd goal vs barcelona.. rate for rate sub4sub, all welcome, cool..

  20. Not finished watching yet, did anyone else get a suddenly feel weird thinking “why am I watching when the result is in the title?” Great to see Ronnie on form again.

  21. Crazy! Ali carter just made a maximum 147 break in world snooker championship after Ronnie!

  22. O’Sullivan is the man!

    I’d like to see him against Stephen Hendry though…

    He’s in a really good shape at the moment!

  23. i used to love playing snooker, but my benefits wont cover the cost of a frame now? good to watch though. wish i could afford a game!

  24. Simply awesome, he’s the only who can make so easy a 147 break. And Ali Carter made other 147 the following day!

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