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By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

great snooker trickshots by terry griffiths, cliff wilson, eddie charlton, dennis taylor, mike massey, john virgo and great judges like steve davis, john parrot, u guys will enjoy it

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  1. thnx. but u know that virgo was among the best trickshot player. but when the first trickshot championship happened. he failed………..although a great character of the game

  2. good old virgo. cheers.

  3. Thanks for this!!
    Cliff Wilson ..what a legend never played a safety shot and could pot off the lamp shade!

  4. alex higgins is brillinat

  5. Machine Gun shot in Carrickfergus and everyone had gone. lol

  6. wilson was brilliant lmao

  7. ya,,,he he

  8. Agreed! Had a good laugh from him

  9. Hey, did Alex Higgins call the black ball Muhammad Ali?

  10. yes he its ok dude…i am like 28 but i started t love snooker in 2003..this is all my hardwork after that i have done to collect and spread the word,,

  11. Is that Steve Davis who is one of the judges? 🙂
    Great video by the way!
    I’m sorry for myself, I’m only 15 years old and I hate that I missed the classic snooker time!

  12. How strange, Virgo’s usually one of the best trick shot players there is.

  13. Why the hell they all make the same shots?

  14. Cliff Wilson is a wonderful character!

  15. Hi I have got more video of Cliff Wilson will try and down load some (He was my old man by the way)great snooker videos princesagitarious

  16. well spacey..i don’t have much of cliff wilson..but i will try to find some..thnx

  17. great stuff… to see more of cliff wilson!

  18. ya i think its him..well we had fun watching them

  19. is that Jeremy Beadle doing the commentry?

    this is good, funny!

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