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amazing snooker tricks

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

amazing snooker tricks

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  1. umm…why is is that the majority of this users video’s are the same shit?

  2. great shots, but this is not snooker table, snooker balls or even a snooker cue. Might want to rename the video.

  3. If your are good in one thing… Asians can do it better…. X3

  4. no he’s asian

  5. dirty chink

  6. that’s easy, everything is setted for the trick already. just need more practice, pratice makes perfect

  7. is he some kind of super hero ?

  8. crapppppp!! needddds better songs

  9. wow that crazy lol

  10. wow! thats amazing!
    ive got a few trick shot videos
    i wondered if u guys could chck em out and tell me wat u think

  11. Afroman – Before I got high

  12. are you joking?
    this is not snooker… I think you don’t even know what that is…

  13. It’s that glove he wears, gives him all his power and skill, just like michael jacksons white glove, with out the glove, they r both shit, lol

  14. afroman -because i got high

  15. what the hell means imao?

  16. rofl = roll on floor laughing

  17. afroman- because i got high

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