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Breaking Clusters 2 of 2

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

How to break clusters part 2. … pool billiards billiard snooker carom lesson lessons cluster clusters breaking moving instruction

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  1. When he talks about the “Tickey” shot he mentions “Byrne”. He is talking about ROBERT BYRNE and his excellent series of books. You SHOULD look them up like he suggests as they are superb. I have three. One of the best is “200 moves every pool player should know”. This covers just about everything to do with clusters, tickeys, caroms, and all manner of combo shots, some difficult, some easier, but ALL leading to frame winning opportunities you might otherwise miss!

  2. right on the money, that’s the way i play, all D and let them f up.

  3. You’re absolutely right. I love the sound of my own voice. Alot of women also, love the sound of my voice. Its carried me a long ways. LOL!!!

  4. does this guy love the sound of his own voice or what ?

  5. That was very interesting! I love the ticky shot! I’ll be practising these tonight… Keep em rolling! 😉

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