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Cut Shot Exercise

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  1. i’ve had difficulty finding a community to start playing snooker in my area, also… i’ve not found the rules of snooker very obvious, do you have a resource i could refer too?

  2. How about you quit being a jerk and put your own videos on here if you know so much? Personally I think this guy is doing a lot for billiard players everywhere by organizing this stuff for us so we can utilize these drills and techniques to improve our game. So quit whining about snooker (especially since many of us can’t try it out anyway) and give the guy credit for trying to help in whatever way he can…

  3. I think we all got what he meant… no reason to point out something so insignificant…

  4. “…if it becomes too easy for you, one thing you might try is utilizing a pocket reducer…” HELLO how about stop playing 9-ball and get into snooker?!

  5. Overcutting doesn’t reduce the effect of cling or throw. It merely compensates for it.

  6. thanks for all your videos man, I am learning a lot from your videos on playing pool

  7. I’d like to know how much power you place on the ball each shot. would be helpful to know also thx 🙂

  8. I won the first league I ever played in. I have won 4 tournaments and finished 2-3 in about 15 tournaments. I match up well with amateur players. Off coarse that doesn’t mean anything when you talk in terms of pro players. I am not pro, never claimed to be pro but would love to be one day.

  9. how about some videos of you playing some top level players, cause you can practice forever and still not win a match. i played in a league for a year and a half until i started winning.

  10. damn… you´re good. i think i´ll spend the whole year on this exercise.
    thanks from brazil!

  11. How long have you been playing pool? You are the best ever! I’m going to try to be like you, and practice on my pool table until I become very good.

  12. I also wanted to thank you for that last almost trough away line at the end of the video about how to reduce the through of the object off the path to the pocket by slightly over cutting the shot. I also haven’t developed the consistent ability to use outside English but for the time being that’s helped me start making some “harder” shots more consistently. Thanks!

  13. I’ve found all of your videos very informative. I have a specific question about draw that might be a topic for another video. I’ve watched several of your videos on draw drills. I spend a portion of my practice on those drills. As of yet all I seem to be able to do is stop the ball on contact with the object or “stun” it, I think thats the right term, about 6 inches perpendicular to the contact point. Is that a common result if you have certain flaws in your technique?

  14. I would of hit the ball closest to the bumper first then the next one. That way you don’t hit/alter the other balls as you did.

  15. Good video… would have liked to see your shots from a camera above the table… thanks…

  16. Great!!!! Keep practicing. The more you play the better you will be.

  17. been doing this one quite a bit it’s very good at boosting my confidence when i have a shot like this in a game.

  18. cool video.

  19. Glad I could help.. More to come.

  20. Glad I can help.

  21. I like your style. you teach using visual diagrams, audio commentary and then a demonstration. keep it up:)Its good that you can actually do the drills too, it shows that they can be achieved and the method of doing it which isnt always apparent when just using the diagrams.

  22. sorry i mean, shooting straight (minimal cut) from various distances (expecially long distance)

  23. hi i love your vids, im a much better player now that i’ve seen your videos.

    can you do a video on straight shooting? thats one of my biggest weaknesses

  24. Nice. I’ll try that sometime…

  25. Sweet drill. I guess it’s smart to make sure you’ve got the same setup every time. The way I practice cut shot’s is I just set an object ball a certain distance from the pocket and put the cue ball in the same general spot every time. (the spot varies by a foot or so). But then I just shoot the shot, then bring the object ball a bit further from the pocket and shoot the shot and so on. I think I’ll start doing it more like this though to get a little more consistancy in my practice.


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