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Fast show – snooker

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

funny snooker clip

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  1. steve look`s so disapointed

  2. Quite probably The Fast Show’s most random moment ever.

  3. but it doesn’t go in 🙁

  4. How come, when I play Pool/Snooker in the Pub, I am never as good or as cool??…lol One of the best Fast Show Sketches.

  5. One of the best Fast Show moments ever!

  6. yea i noticed it too. steve davis was SCREWED OUT OF THE GAME

  7. yeah it was white

  8. That must really take the piss out about how Steve Davis scored the first perfect break on national television.

    Did anyone else notice the blooper with Shaft’s arm on the 2nd shot he made where he potted 2 reds?

  9. favoret sport and comedy sketch show all rolled up in one..thanks for this olivetrees

  10. Theme from Shaft

  11. whats this song called?

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