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Jamie “Shotgun” Cope 147 break @ Snooker Shanghai Masters 08

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

Jamie Cope made his second 147 in a ranking event in Shanghai during his match against Mark Williams.

He did it in frame 03, in the 1/8 final (last 16) and needed for it only 8.30mins.

He also got for it £20,000 bonus plus the £2,000 high break prize!

Enjoy this perfect break by the “Shotgun”!! 😉

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  1. class 147, probably the best, exept for ronnie o’sullivan’s

  2. Sri Lanka isn’t in Europe for sure, I should know, i am from Sri Lanka. However, this was played in Shanghai, China.

  3. EUROsport (lolz) is broadcasted in over 50 countries!!

  4. EUROsport.

    sri lanka isnt in europe…

  5. To iluvsnooker.. this is not arabic, in case you didn’t notice, this is Chineese… in Shangahai…. duh.

  6. fuck this im watching it on mute dodgy arab commentators every damn time

  7. It sounds like the commentators are speaking on while seated on a toilet.

  8. omg serously i never felt so annoyed at a foreign commentator :@

  9. OMG! How the hell did he manage to concentrate with that nip in the crowd screaming out every time he potted a ball?

  10. You’d have to share it with someone scoring a 147 tho ^^

  11. noisy chinese! sorry not beng racists.. i have chinese friends!lol.. but these guys were too noisy.. they’re masters.. of course they provide good shots.. dun be amazed at every shot they make.. OMG! my ears are burning! ear wax melting!

  12. terrible audio

  13. well u dnt get eurosport here…hopefully sum1 uploads(*wink*….snookasus)

  14. lol
    I watch the Bahrain Champs live on Eurosport.. and I think the most European Snooker Fans will do the same. I don’t know if you can watch Eurosport in SriLanka too. So I don’t really don’t know where you can get it.. ?!?

  15. lol….now i got it….but it is very doubtful it will happen…theoretical….but very doubtfull….lol….how u guys going to check out the bahrain championship?cos im in sri lanka…my dads in bahrain….n he doesnt know how to recrd….ne1 knows whther they are showing iit on eurosport n is ny1 going to post it utube?

  16. an error!!: It must be “…aid and “spots a red instead of the brown”…
    sry!.. Not “pots”.. it must be “spots”!!
    otherwise my text is = nonsense!! 😛

  17. possible. Including a free-ball at the beginning of course ;-).
    It’s so theoretical.. lol I know. And I hope you understand it now!
    And don’t forget! “Theoretical” means NOT “impossible”!! 😉

  18. lmao@ your Peter Ebdon comparison! :-DDDDD. It’s veryveryvery^10 theoretical 😉 hehe. And snookasus said too, that this accidently aid by the ref happens “during” a break. So maybe you potted 5X red-black. Then you have 5 reds out of the table. “During” your break then, you can’t get position on the black, and you need to pot the brown. Then the ref does this accidently aid and “pots a red instead of the brown”.. . And in your following break you always pot red-black. So a break “over” 155 is

  19. cmon man……the ref will either have to be peter ebdon(regarding to his colourblindness and mistaking the red for a brown…lol)or stupid…its not even theoretical….how cn there be an extra red?…..15 reds in the triangle….n if the brown goes in….how cn the ref replace it wit another red???

  20. ohh.. they changed it. Around three month ago, the accidently aid by the ref (red for brown.. you know it) stood there. But can’t you imagine although, that with this aid a “very theoretic and possible” (by snookaus) is possible?? That probably never will happen, OK. But we talked about a theoretic break 155+, and IT IS possible!!

  21. read the highest snooker break article properly…..

  22. he talked about a “possible” and “very theoretic” break.. and if this accidently aid by the ref happens during a frame.. why not?? Impossible is nothing. 😉
    And on wikipedia is written the same thing.. (red spotted instead of the brown).. and so a “theoretic” break over 155 is possible.

  23. the special help he is tlking bout…cn never happen man trust me…unless he cheats…..cmon man common sense……go to wikipedia n check 147 in snooker……there u will have yr answer

  24. no.. theoreticly is a break over 155 possible! Read this text by snookasus:
    “If you have at the beginning a free ball… you pot during your break the red-brown (referee does the accidently aid) and the “new” and all other reds you always pot red-black. So you have a very very theoretic 160 break 😀
    I cant see any wrong think in it..”

  25. basically…the only possible way for a BREAK of more than 147……is if the oncoming player is granted a free ball and plays the black(or anything else)as the colour….lets say u break off n u foul somehow(lets say u touch another ball with yr hand)and the oncoming player cannot hit a red directly….then he is granted a free ball and gets the option to pot a colour instead of a red(1point)after potting the free ball ..the player then plays the normal game with the 15 reds and remaining clrs

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