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Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 at the 2008 Snooker World Championship

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147 produced at the 888 World Championship at The Crucible

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  1. minchia!!!

  2. Yes I agree you are.

  3. your an idiot

  4. lol at the people behind the divider, thats cruel. So close to seeing a 147 but so far

  5. xaxa dont make fun of yourself 😀

  6. haha you must be color blind

  7. I love Ronnie!He’s the best player ever!!

  8. clearly… it was 147

  9. It was 146 I saw it clearly that he took down one pink instead of black.

  10. Whether you love him or hate him you cant dispute his utter unrivalled skill. The day Ronnie retires is the day snooker loses a lot of its fire. The sport needs him.


  12. ebay or ring the hotline and find out man get busy! 😉

  13. im going to london on the 10 does anybody know if i can get tickets to see the rocket the master tournament

  14. “The man is a total genius!” …thats true. He sure is a true snooker genius. The best one the game has ever seen.

  15. one of the best shots ever at 7:21 amazing play.yamijoey u say Mark Selby is another of your idols but you cant even spell his name lol

  16. r u serious!?..damn

  17. What about the one in 5 minutes 20 seconds? 😉

  18. If you compare any player at their top level to Ronnie at his top level they would lose every single time.

  19. i think the nugget would beat him

  20. He made a 133 left handed 🙂

  21. I have a challenge for O’Sullivan. I want to see him score a 147 Left-Handed. 😀

  22. Pot Black.

  23. So inspiring!

  24. Definately one of the best players to ever grace the game. (Just to state the obvious.)

    I nearly cried when he got beaten in the Masters (I think this tournament) by Mark Celby, who is another of my idols. It was a difficult match to watch, but this isn’t. This is something you find an excuse to leave work early to see.


  25. best 147 ive ever seen and it all started with a long pot which makes it even better.

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