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Snooker Frame

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

The final snooker frame between JC and AJ lol. Should be interested lol.

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  1. great break JC 🙂

  2. matthew you burke ur videos are crap! and you are crap at snooker lol XD

  3. oh sorry….it is your 2nd warning, one more and ill block ya

  4. get lost matthew you ignorent get, and your talking bull there it is quite a good break of 18 plus it is one million times better than you’ll ever do in your entire life. So in future if you havent got anything constructive to say well you can get lost oh and also your blocked. You have had your final warning bye bye

  5. ive got better things to do then waste 10:42 mins of my life and rubbish break joe lol

  6. that was awesome

  7. yeah gl with tht


    (*Payback Time)

  9. That was a pretty good game
    and a real laugh to make
    shit shots and some good shots
    only one question left to ask
    when’s payback time?

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