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Snooker: John Higgins 147 in 2003 LG cup

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

It was really a lucky 147 of snooker!!! Please check out.

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  1. muito, muito …. muito massa..

  2. Did someone in the audience try to put him off at the end?

  3. damn!!!

    its amazing!!!

  4. Greetings.I would like advise on getting a snooker cue stick.What must i look out for ?
    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

  5. 7:05 looks like he is drunk

  6. I found the commentary very insightful

  7. he was veeery lucky at that black…but also a very good player…

  8. good one…ronnie is surely not a table. haha..

  9. Ronnie isn’t a table.

  10. watch ronnie for the fastest rolling table

  11. Mind-fucking-blowing.

  12. This is probably the fastest rolling table I’ve ever seen.

  13. no fluke,stand in ur empty room and try cutting holes in 4 corners n 2 middles and put 36 baws on the trot thats not luck thats tims!

  14. lol don’t get annoyed because you know he’s right.

  15. it was 5 years ago, he only has more hair here, that’s all

  16. any 147 is awesome I don’t think you can call a maximum break flukey because of 1 shot out of 36, that’s like saying that a 300 is flukey in bowling if every strike isn’t millimeter perfect, Cliff Thorburn’s 147 in the Crucible started with a fluke red and he went on to make a max break and people still talk about that today even though it was like 30 years ago. I say well done to anyone getting a 147 (or 155…) regardless of the odd fluke

  17. The commenter 10:36: The luckiest shot of the year.

  18. GOd, he’s young here!!!!

  19. Fuck off ronnie is a fucked up crack head

  20. all 147s require a combination of skill and luck. first of all the balls have to be in a suitable position to stay on the black, and then the chances of being able to pot every ball without a miss is unlikely. especially in a tournament when your main aim will be to win the match.

  21. 6:45 lucky XD

  22. lucky on the ball but amazing all the same 🙂

  23. That Has To Be The Luckiest 147 In The History Of Snooker His A Great Player Though Ronnie Still The Greatest Snooker Player Ever

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