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Snooker Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 break UK Championship 15.12.07

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“It was nice to give the crowd something to cheer about at the end,” said O’Sullivan. “This is a great venue and a great tournament but my snooker tonight was not great, it was so poor. I played 16 poor frames but everyone now will be talking about the 147 so I feel like I’ve cheated, or taken a short cut. I’d rather have won 9-3, playing solid and not making any unforced errors.

“The first black in the 147 was a blind shot but it wasn’t as hard as it looked. It was 8-8 and I felt like I wanted to get something out of the game, to go out in a blaze of glory. Once I got to 40 I decided to go for it, and I felt a few butterflies which was good.

“It’s nice to get to eight 147s, I’d like to get to double figures, maybe get one at the Masters and at Sheffield and make four this season.

“Mark had the upper hand for most of the match, he’s a tough competitor, you don’t get to a world final otherwise. At 6-3 I was losing it, really struggling. There was no fluency, no power or finesse in my shots. I was a foot out on some of my positional shots.”

As for the match with Maguire, O’Sullivan added: “Stephen said in an interview that he’s been watching me and noticed I’m giving away chances. He’s right, and only a few people would recognise that. I’ve been playing quickly and scoring ok, which has camouflaged the fact that I’m making a lot of mistakes. The bookmakers will make me favourite for tomorrow but I’d make Stephen favourite. If I play like I did today I’ll get beaten because Stephen is a winner.”

Selby said: “It was a brilliant end to the match. I’ve had a good week and I wouldn’t change anything. At 7-5 I had a good chance in the balls and after that it seemed to change.”

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  1. im a huge Stephen Hendry fan 2 and Ronnie is great, but i just dont know what has happened to Hendry. He cant even buy a win at the moment for some reason????

  2. Okay, I’m a huge Hendry fan but I admit, this was pretty special! No emotion from Ronnie, it’s no longer a big deal for him, he just cruises around like he’s expressing his artistry. Amazing, more so than the 1997 one, this was just coolness, he showed that it meant something to him in ’97!

  3. This guy 0_0 he is incredible

  4. The match was already very exciting and close contest before this break… does anyone else remember that? I really think Ronnie vs. Mark Selby is a great match in any tournament. I hope we see more.

    In the Masters which starts in a few days, Ronnie is in the bottom half of the draw, and Selby is in the top half. So lets keep our fingers crossed for a Selby-O’Sullivan final?

  5. ronnie tll them to suck ure dick man eh fcuk em m8 im gonna give it to them for dissing da teacher lol marko

  6. Greetings.I would like advise on getting a snooker cue stick.What must i look out for ?
    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

  7. Wow, Ronnie was amazing, 147 points in a game is just fucking sick, he played well I must say, probably the best snooker player ever.

  8. you are funny, thats an observation i have never noticed. And you are right….

  9. Ronnie is a real maximum legend!

  10. ronnie is a true genius but he sometimes doesnt give a shit about the game and thats why he loses at an early stage but when he is on form there is no stoping him but the fact that he has a few issues makes him have highs and lows i think but other than that he is the greatest player!!!!!

  11. Ronnie O’Sullivan is just a man, a human. We all do mistakes..but sometimes we do greatness. Ronnie is the greatest snooker player ever played the game!

  12. hes amazing

  13. If Ronnie had the Mental part he would be the greatest above hendry and davis

  14. i agree. not because hendry is superior but because they are both a cut above. o’sullivan is a genius and has so much talent, my favourite player, but hendry is the greatest of all time

  15. ronnie on form would beat any other player in the world on form without a doubt..he is a true legend and the best player of all time

  16. He’s a brilliant player, genius is a bit of an exaggeration though, if he was a genius he would be winning every tournament against the non genius’s

  17. thats a bit right but i think stephen hendry (if he plays his very best – terrific long pots and supreme break building) he can beat ronnie at his best

  18. dosnt he remind of Mr Bean?

  19. Unlucky Mark, great cue power to screw back to baulke though!

  20. very difficult break, ronnie did a fantastic job, brilliant break, thx for uploading


  22. He is the best 😉

  23. no. it is yellow, than green and after this brown, blue,pink and black

  24. isnt it green, yellow, brown, blue pink then black

  25. so that was why hendry was trying his best recently to equal ronnie’s record (4 attempts at the WC hendry tried. And one he got close)

    ahh that has a nice ring to it. “ronnie’s record”

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