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Snooker: The Demise And Fall Of Alex Higgins

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

“You can shove your snooker up your jacksie, I am not playing no more.”

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  1. Alex was obviously a victim of substance abuse. Too, bad about that. Cheers… The Stick…

  2. listen “Brett” i think it,s you who has the homo name.

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  4. your name is Brett hahaha serves u right

  5. and I agree with Luke entirely. Higgins is as thick as shite. I also blame the hero worship of the likes of Higgins as the reason our streets are filled with retard scumbags.

  6. Higgins is as thick as shit and so was Paul Gascoigne and so was Gerge Best. Only the truly thick believe they were the greatest. Steve Davis played the best snooker I have ever seen…but he didn’t look like a rebel…but I’m not shallow.. everything else is bollocks. Snooker is like chess…it isn’t about speed. Only idiots dont know that.

  7. please tell me more about him

  8. please tell me more about him

  9. You said…’It’s harder for intelligent people to fulfil their given talent beause they are capable of self analysis’….This is YOUR theory and YOUR opinion and tbh, holds NO water for hundreds of reasons.

  10. Maybe the many gifted sportsmen (and women by the way) had enough intelligence not to self-destruct.
    You cant use an exception to prove or disprove a theory.
    Each case is different.
    I happen to believe that Alex Higgins was/is a retard.
    Listen to him talk.
    Not capable of an intelligent conversation.
    Gascoigne was/is the same.
    Thats all I’m saying!
    It has nothing to do with any other sportsperson, gifted or not!
    Whatever or whoever else you bring in to the debate doesnt change that!

  11. Who said “ALL supremely, etc”?
    And who mentioned “selling”?
    Youre adding new aspects into the debate now.
    So you take my opinion, misunderstand it (deliberately possibly), misrepresent it, then attack your representation of it.
    Thats usually the shabby trick of politicians who cant win the debate.
    You are welcome to disagree, just be honest!
    At the end of the day, where are Higgins and Gascoigne now?
    No sympathy from me.
    They had talent that we can only dream about it – and abused it!

  12. The FACT is, that many gifted sportsman DO NOT self destruct. It simply sells a better story for people like you to buy into and use in casting naive, stereotypical judgement.

    Please don’t ask me to tell you of all the gifted sportsmen and woman, past and present, that have lead relatively uncomplicated lives outside of their sport as i’m sure you can think of a few if you’re as well read as you make out. You read far too much into things in order to try to understand them. Alot of people do

  13. you must care somewhat, or you wouldn’t have replied so often on this video right?

    Well, from my experience in life, tradgedy sells right? and none more so than a tragic genius story, right? It’s strange how you failed to ‘predict’ the demise of one of the most naturally outragiously gifted footballers of all time in Dennis Bergkamp? EXACTLY! Thus blowing apart your theory that all supremely gifted sportsman are prone to self destruct, right?

    Your ‘theory’ is certified bullshit pal.

  14. They are not intelligent and thats why their talents are not inhibited but this also means that where their talent cant be used, i.e. real life, they struggle.
    Their talent gets them through on the snooker table and the football field. When they step away from their arena, they cant cope.

    We are all offering opinions here. The fact that my predictions have come true, back up my opinions more than some.

    Who knows and who cares?

  15. Your two paragraphs contradict each other.

    Are you saying Ronnie and Gazza are intelligent or not?

    What you must remember of course, is that whatever you say is only YOUR opinion and theories. They are not fact like you seem to believe.

  16. I’m an idiot because I disagree with you? lol. Dont you just love intelligent debate?
    You will have to have played a lot of snooker to have played more than me. I was coached by Willie Thornes coach too. You wouldnt know him (Brian Cakebread) but he was better than Thorne but didnt have the charisma or style to attract sponsors and backers. Willie would tell you that himself. He had more 147 breaks than most of the pros about then (and now probably). I understand snooker more than you know!

  17. And to substantiate that statement, John Higgins won the tournament today. A shadow of his former self yet still good enough to win.
    Not one century break in the final, low pot success percentages. Very poor.
    Nothing compares to the standard of Hendry and John Higgins at their peak in the 90’s. Records show it, not yobbos sensationalising about their champion, lol. (self-christened peoples champion. what a half-wit).

  18. What planet are you living on? I met many pros in the 80’s and 90’s (and beat a couple of them). they all thought he was a twat! Apart from their first meeting at the Crucible, Davis beat him every time I think – inadequate? Hardly!
    Ever seen a snooker book or video showing you how to cue like Alex Higgins? lol. You must be a wind up mate. So cut the infantile abuse and lets have some facts, numbers, statistics! Check the records. You cant rewrite those like youre rewriting peoples opinions!

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  21. Its not easy to compare different eras but the records show that the standard was at its peak through the 90’s. Do the numbers -percentages of pots, successful safety, scoring, breaks. The Hendry, John Higgins era was the best snooker ever played. Jimmy White reached 6 world finals during that high quality era so must also be mentioned. Alex Higgins’ snooker doesnt compare. He kept potting outrageous balls because he was always out of position. Was never impressed by his standard of snooker.

  22. Its easy to say you like someone afterwards. Ever heard Davis say he doesnt like someone – hes being diplomatic.
    Davis hated him when they were both playing. Everyone knows that. In fact almost all the players hated him.

  23. I’ll try to explain:
    Its harder for intelligent people to fulfil their given talent because they are capable of self analysis. This often hinders them and puts enough self-doubt in their minds to hamper them.
    I predicted 20 years ago that he would end up in the gutter or die young.
    I predicted Paul Gascoigne would go the same way and Ronnie O’Sullivan may have problems too. The similarity: Theyre all none too bright and cant cope with the limelight their talent brings them.

  24. lukesixtynineuk,

    In Clive Everton’s TV documentary The Story of Snooker (2002), Steve Davis considered Higgins the “one true genius that snooker has produced”.

    You’re post makes no sense at all.

    “He got away with it because he wasnt bright enough to think what he was doing.”

    What exactly does that sentence mean???

  25. and you’re a cunt.

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