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The fastest snooker 147 in the history – Ronnie O’ Sullivan

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

ronnie o’sullivans fastest 147 in the history
1997, world championships, sheffield

enjoy, kerzhakov11
ps: a huge thanks to mbovo for the material =)

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25 Responses »

  1. truly amazing!

  2. not 1m47, stupid video adder

  3. Yes, it is worth 7.

  4. ok so i dont really play snooker so is the black worth the most points?

  5. yeah cuz you then see him at 5:26 bending down, picking it up and throwing it into the crowd.

  6. Could have been faster if he took the shorter route while at 65 🙂

  7. Cue chalk.


  9. oh thats his cue choke,or whatever you call it,something to put on his cue tip

  10. 5:05 something skids past ronnie’s shoe XD

  11. COŚ PIĘKNEGO!!! ale szybko ;P jak burza :]

  12. Nothing short of a miracle, absolutley sublime, this is one record that will most likely never be beaten

  13. perfect!!!!!

  14. Ronnie O’ Sullivan = the best snooker player in the world !

  15. unbelievable !!!!!

  16. he is the best ever.this guy is pretty cool.he is the best snooker player i have ever seen.he is amazing,an artist

  17. if the judge was so quick in putting black back on the table as he was at the end it would’ve been 4:40 or smthng 😀


  19. gods should not be allowed to play snooker!

  20. that’s amazing, wow

  21. I totally agree! This 147 was the first time i ever saw Snokker. Never forget this magical moment. An this is why Ronnie is my favourite snooker player. He’s impressive!

  22. Ronnie O’ Sullivan is bestest snooker player in humanity!

  23. Mikala Tab would have respotted the black quicker and it would have been under 5 minutes. Though with her walking around the table the run might have only reached 47

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