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The L Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Billiard Drills, Billiard Tips, Uncategorized

The L drill is done with 15 balls. I only have 11. 15 was just too tight on my small table. I still had to play perfect position. The object is to pocket all the balls in this pattern in the same pocket in order without caroming into another ball.

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  1. wtf that is hard

  2. Might be better on a ball return table, just to avoid wasting time emptying pockets (which he does – take note mr ‘observant’!)
    I would have appreciated some commentary on HOW he plays the shots (in spite of his boring monotone voice – see other vids!) He does this drill VERY well and makes it look easy – it’s NOT, believe me, so lesser players would appreciate commentary. The music is nice though.

  3. you can see the balls stacking up in the pocket, he just has pretty deep pockets on that table.

  4. I’m not forcefaollow but i know the answers!
    -he’s using a 9 feet table
    for the second question: he took out 4 or 5 balls and put it into the other pocket!!

    (sorry for my english;) )

  5. This is a lot harder than it looks

  6. its a good drill

  7. another great u make these up or look them up and post them..if u look them up can u show me where to find more

  8. hey forcefollow thanks for all the videos, they are very helpful. could you do a video on the the rules and object of straight pool? Thanks!

  9. never mind… i just saw you pull out the balls. lol sorry

  10. I posted a few comments on your other videos, but you never seem to respond. Great video once again. Have done this drill several drills. Two questions. What size pool table are you using, you say it’s a small table but doesn’t seem to small. Secondly, how are you managing to get 11 balls to fall in one pocket? Do you have a ball return system or something? How are all 11 balls fitting in just one pocket?

  11. your videos are great for me – my biggest loves are classical music and pool =)

    great drills!! i gotta try them out…

  12. ill do that with my eyes closed

  13. i can do it without hitting a cushion!!
    try that.

  14. poetry man…poetry

  15. All you need is the space. You can get a good used table for cheap.

  16. Damn you guys on youtube… U make me wanna buy a Pool table RIGHT NOW.

    And I havent even started Earning Yet 🙁 🙁

  17. a lupo…..

  18. Well done with the L-drill. You made that look easy. I have done that drill many times. Easy, it is not. It’s a great drill to help develope cue-ball control. Ray

  19. You are right. Its a terrible habit.

  20. Hi! You have quite precise cue ball control. However I can see a flaw in your fundamentals which can take make you miss harder shots. You raise your head a little while making the shot, it can bring only trouble on harder shots. Try this: stay down until the cue ball stops moving – I found out that when I stop thinking about the result (potting the object ball) and start focusing on the contact point itself even through the shot I dont move my head.

  21. This is a great drill, and you execute it very well. I can do it once in a while with 9 balls, but my position isn’t close to yours in quality – I’m all over the place. Thanks for the lesson!

  22. my holes arnt deep anuff i can only fit 5 balls in them

    ps im 2 years old and i have played for 20 years

  23. nice video lol except for music

  24. you are really good !!!!! compliments ……

  25. I really admire the top pro players in the world. I believe their mastery of their sport is much greater than the top athletes in other sports. What I mean by that, is the top world pol players go father in developing their skills & knowledge than the top athletes do in their respective sports.

    For instance, what is the free throw % in the NBA? What about 75%. Compare the difficulty of a free throw with some the shots pool players not only consistently make, but set up for another shot.

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