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The Stop Shot Drill

By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

In response to several request for beginner drills. … pool billiards billiard snooker carom dill practice lesson lessons learn learning stop shot drill progressive beginner

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  1. lets see YOU do better

  2. me parecio a little boring but is good.:S

  3. fuckn geek man…thts not even hard to do..dont act like u r all pro and shit

  4. before i got my own cue i would use powder, but now that it is my own i bought my own glove and it works nicely. the major thing that i noticed is that i wa able to use the closed bridge more efficiantly, before i mostly used the open bridge but i feel that it slides too much with the glove. now i mostly use the closed bridge with or without my glove and am pretty happy to know both bridges.

  5. Go to my channel I have videos on all that.

  6. good video. Go Tigers!!! you have any tips for stoping /drawing back on tables theat the felt sucks on? I live in Baton Rouge and try to shoot atleast 20 games a week i can shoot both right and left handed but struggle with the breaks every now and then lol. thanks

  7. Afffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    atΓ© eu jogo assim πŸ™‚

  8. 3 reasons: 1. humidity 2. Oily skin. 3. No desire to use powder or sand paper.

  9. whats with the glove? snooker players dont have them do they?

  10. you’re the god

  11. it wouldn’t really affect it=)

  12. I wonder, how would his accuracy fare if he could not “warm up” for each shot by sliding the cue stick forwards and backwards each time?

  13. not very discriptive. but its nice.

  14. Awesome! This is truly is the hardest sport there is. So many variables.
    One sport no one has ever mastered!
    Thanks for the video!!

  15. lol “brownie points”

  16. this is more fun when your drunk…

  17. thats understandable

  18. no hand clalk allowed on my table πŸ™‚

  19. Great vids as always! Thanks mate!

  20. dork. lol the q ball (the white one that the person keeps using) dosent keep rolling after it makes contact with the second ball that they shoot into the pocket. its actually an interesting trick but inorder to appreciate it even just a little you have to get the general idea of pool. but at least you put the effort into viewing it and posting a comment. i give you brownie points for that πŸ˜‰

  21. another great vid… please more vids of you running racks… you explaining what you are doing is very helpful

  22. nice video i have just started playing pool 2 months ago and i seem to get the stop shot down but i have problem with the draw shot for some reason. Every time i try to draw n set myself up for the next shot instead the cue ball stop like in a stop shot. What do u think im doing wrong.

  23. I have a glove because my hands are very oily. Also I live in Pearland Texas which is southeast of houston. This area is very humid and chalk can become puddy. I also hate chalk, sand paper and the damage sand paper does to a shaft over time. The glove simplifies matters.

  24. Thanks for the video forcefollow, we will have to run this drill a bit and see if we can master it!

    And as far as the glove goes some people have different skin textures that make having a glove really nice, and its cleaner than chalking the bridging area of your hand.

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