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By • Feb 25th, 2019 • Category: Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

great trickshots by great players, fun jokes, great judges, great crows, cliff wilson, terry griffiths, u guys will enjoy it do give me a feedback..i had to travel a lot to get this video

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  1. Verry funny. Very eighties.

  2. Cheers mate that made me chuckle.

  3. RIP Jeremy Beadle. the only time i got a chance to watch him was in this trickshot competition. a few months i read about his death coz of pneumonia. he was great host presenter…

  4. I heard Jeremy Beadle had a small hand in all this.

    cheers prince. safe mate.

  5. RIP Jeremy Beadle

  6. go alex go :DD

  7. Theres good old non-alive Jeremy Beadle!
    Beadles about? Not any more…

  8. i agree played golf with him, no wonder higgins threatened to shoot him!

  9. Taylor is such a creep

  10. ya they even my favorite was cliff wilson..he juz talks to everyone here..crowd referee judges and the host holding his glass of wine…
    ha ha ha..enjoy guys

  11. this is brillantly funny!!

    i think part 2 with the LATE Cliff Wilson is bloody funny!!

    thanks 4 putting this on hear!

  12. thanks for the comment..i will be uploading some more soon..thanks for the apreciation…

  13. Fantastic! 🙂

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