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Wii Play – Charge! Billiards Ping-Pong

By • Oct 21st, 2008 • Category: Billiards and Snooker Video Games

Wii Play – Charge! Billiards Ping-Pong

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  1. wey yo ya yeque alos 100

    y enbillar ay untruco para salta la blanca

  2. great on charge, one time i never missed scarecrow but i think i was just lucky

  3. my best in charge is 325

  4. I think you all just need to get a girl friend

  5. the charge was amazing the rest were just about average 4/5

  6. good pool shot around 2:15


  7. is the billiard game for 2 players also?

  8. dude shut up hes just showing off the game

  9. I’have got wii play my score in charge! is 334 but I’m 11 YEARS OLD

  10. Great video! Can’t wait to get Wii Play.

  11. don’t know why ur hating, i’m just showing off the game, not my skills

  12. i think its skill, i think ur jealous

  13. thnx! i just like playing for kix

  14. u get lucky bounces on billiards, and without that, you would suck.

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