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Wii Play: Billiards

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Billiards and Snooker Video Games, Viewers Billiard Video

Me playing Billiards on Wii Play. Lol I suck at this one.

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  1. I hate that you always have to hit the target ball instead og the other ones!

  2. Ive got them all in 6 shots before

  3. at least ur better than me

  4. yeah you have to buy it,and it comes with another Wiimote

  5. i didnt lke the background for the rest its a cool game

  6. It comes with Wii play.

  7. idoes it come wih wii sports? or do u have to buy it?

  8. Ya its really simple to learn but a bit harder to get platinum medals

  9. Thanks! I already have this game!! it’s good and simple, I hope to be a complete game of it!

  10. Yes, billiards can be played for 1 or 2 players and is quite enjoyable in both modes.

  11. WOW great game! I need to know… if this billiards game can be played for multiplayer? I mean to be played for 2 or more players, Thanks!

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