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Snooker/Pool tricks 1st video GENIUS productions

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos, Viewers Billiard Video

This is me (Rob 16) with my brother (Jon 11) with a mate (ian 14) doing some trickshots on my snooker table, with a bit of comedy thrown in… (J.I.R productions)Also check out the other version of this video with music on it its quite funny. h

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  1. u can kiss my ass

  2. wow nice shots. good draw stroke.

  3. 0.41 lol the best

  4. lol, my favorite character was the cat towards the end. nice vid, maybe some music next time huh?

  5. nice trick shots rob 😛

  6. lol indeed!

  7. love the backspin at 1:11


  9. good teamwork

  10. at 2.36 u look carefully at the top left hand corner u will see a cat or wadever poping out! LOL!

  11. oi, mate you r a dickhead

  12. at least its real you FAGGOT!!

  13. lol and you think my video is shit..hahahhahah

  14. You guys suck.

  15. draw is good

  16. LOL obviously not.

  17. “thanks you for watching”? that car one was pretty gay…

  18. did that other dude just cry ? O_o”I mean a ball against your hand can hurt but i got one thrown into my nuts… Thats harsh.

  19. What skill

  20. looks like fun.
    great angles.

  21. r u guys from austrailia?

  22. nice shoots…watch my video

  23. hehe cool ^^

  24. Don’t worry about accidentily deleting my post! Looking forward to a second installment. The screwback has to be my fav in tie with Jon’s shot at 0.27. x

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