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Speedy Snooker – Snooker Videos in Fast Motion

By • Apr 3rd, 2010 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos

For (seemingly) no reason whatsoever, I decided to piece some snooker clips together and speed them up, to the sound of “Apache” by Hot Butter. I think it works quite well, and I hope you do too.

BTV Editor’s Note: This is more of a snooker humor video or joke. Meant for entertainment purposes only. Speedy Snooker – Snooker Videos in Fast Motion – basically a montage of cool snooker shots, but the video sped up and put to music. It’s just meant to be a light, entertaining video so before you send me nasty comments, lighten up :()

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24 Responses »

  1. That was Liang Wenbo at 01:37.

  2. Hahahaha xD
    I love it.
    I made a pool trickshot version of this but only me playing the shots, check it out 🙂

  3. ahaha hahahaha. love the granny at the end with the sweets

  4. super thanks for. was great

  5. ya i agree

  6. imagine adrian gunnel in this video
    he is the most boring player in the main tour

  7. Speedy ebdon is like o’sullivan playing in a normal situation.
    He is very boring but a good player.

  8. ronnie is hungry on 1:14

  9. Well, it’s certainly different.

    Good tune too.

  10. its liang wenbo

  11. i love Tony Drago…Where has he and Jimmy White gone, i really enjoy their games.

  12. i like it, great video 😀

  13. i like this… at the end especially when the familys puttin the humbugs in their mushes at the end 🙂

  14. & thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. This old women with candies in the end is hilarious!))

  16. if only ebdon was as fast as this in real-time!!

  17. ronnie o sullivan 1:08-1:14 and ding junhui face 1:37 were the best by far!!!

  18. lol at peter ebdon wearing the refs glasses

  19. it’s subliminal messaging :S

    (and btw, it’s Liang Wenbo)

  20. If you quickly pause at 1:37, there is a picture of Ding Junhui

  21. hahah, everybody, but not Ebdon… XD
    <3 Ronnie ^^

  22. ebdon having some personal time.

  23. lol look at ronnie…

  24. This is brillant!!

    Thanks for putting this on!!

    L@@K how young Neil Robertson looks in the 1st clip against Jimmy White!

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