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Gackt (02.06.24) HEYx3 Billiards (UNRELEASED SCENES) 8 of 8

By • Oct 24th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos, Pool Tournament Videos

INCLUDES UNRELEASED SCENES! Part 8 of 8. The heyx3 billiards game everyone is familiar with only shows the very last game Gackt played with Matsumoto. This video is the whole episode which includes the two other games they have played (in which Matsumoto actually won one) and other scenes that were not uploaded.

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  1. And what? Knowing or having played a decent game of pool in life is supposed be some kind of accomplishment??? Must I have played a decent game of pool in my life to amount to anything? PSSH don’t make me laugh. That only shows your standard. Not only is your heart black, you shallow as fuck too!

  2. And ho my god not again, you’re also from Canada! I really don’t like stereotyping but this is the second time today someone from Canada talk nonsense to me! First for praising Michael Phelps (because he well deserved it) and now for joking about Gackt’s pool/billiard skills. Just relax, will ya!?

  3. I was just joking!!! What is your problem!? I was just saying they play really well!

    And I became a fool because I don’t play pool? WHAT THE HELL you know about me to say that? What kind of circumstances or background I came from, you know nothing about, and you wanna judge me.

    And look at you writing all proper, punctuating and capitalizing, where in fact your heart black like shit. That’s why I hate primp jerks like you!

  4. You’re a fool, billiards is a very popular sports among men and even women, with a pool hall in many bars even in North America.

    Don’t make it so obvious that you’ve never played a decent game of pool in your life.

  5. ok aren’t they supposed to be entertainers??? how come they play like pros? it’s not normal right it’s not normal right!!???

    i was really shocked at how good gackt was… he does all these amazing tricks… like a pro!!!

  6. Gackt is fucking good.

  7. i was kinda scare that gackto might miss the ball.

    but at least he won.


  8. LMAO, already raising his hand to the crowd before even winning! Thanks A LOT for the upload, the best match of pool I’ve ever seen XD

  9. Yay thank you very much for this videos!
    I laughed so hard XD!

  10. wow at least you got off easy. I was playing with my Sa Bum Neem one day and somehow managed to hit him in the head with the cue ball >_> all I could picture was me doing push ups until I died lmao

  11. I played a few games of billiards with friends before, man, it’s harder than it looks @.@ (this one time, I somehow made the que ball fly off the table and roll under an arcade game. We had to get the guy that works there to move the game to get that ball back lmao).

  12. yeah, you are the champion, my friend…
    Like… always!

  13. wiiiiiiiii!!!!!
    domo arigato gozaimashita!!!! n_n
    Gackt won!! yay!!!!
    I wanna learn to play billiard too! it seems exciting

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