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Best Flukes & Bloopers in History of Snooker

By • Jan 23rd, 2009 • Category: Cue Sports Comedy, Entertaining Billiard Videos, Snooker Videos, Uncategorized

Best Flukes & Bloopers in History of Snooker

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  1. what the fuck your a twat you just recorded the over video and uploaded it you dirty cunt

  2. the most has ken doherty!lol

  3. 1:54 to 1:57 is the crazyiest shoot ever xD

  4. 1:54 to 1:56 was awesome!

  5. do me a favour will ya, tell everyone you know, and everyone they know, that im sorry and i love the irish will ya, cheers!

  6. right sound. (:

  7. for fucks sake, read other comments, I DONT KNOW WHY I SAID IT, I MUST HAVE BEEN HAVING A BAD DAY, I WORK FOR AN IRISH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN ENGLAND AND I THINK THEY ARE A GREAT BUNCH OF GUYS, OK? DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME? I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THE IRISH! IM SO SORRY! jesus christ, what have i said, are you guys gonna call the cease fire off just because of me??? fuckin hope not!

  8. fuck you ya prick.

  9. 1.54 wtffffffff briliantttt

  10. hey no probs matey, after all, we stand united!

  11. k no worries mate i might have over reacted a bit!!

  12. i got nothing against irish, i work for em, and im not a horrible little cunt! im far from little, and pretty much far from horrible. i must have been having a bad day sorry if i offended anyone, and if that wont do, fuck off!

  13. hey, peace man, i work for an irish construction firm, i dont have nowt against them, or ken docherty for that matter, i must have been having a bad day, sorry to all!

  14. what’s you problem? The irish are probably some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet (and “luck of the irish” is an urban myth really)

  15. what u got against irish? ya horrible little cunt

  16. lol nice pot at 1:56 😀

  17. i’m feeling naughty at the moment A

  18. the one on 40 seconds could’ve been on purpose

  19. i still fucking love this esspesially with tony drago.. LMFAO!

  20. It still counts as long as it doesn’t fall off the table

  21. That shot over the rail(brown ball) by mcmanus did that count?I saw it before but I can’t remember

  22. R.I.P Paul Hunter

  23. yeh, fuckin irish prick

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