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Brian Blessed does snooker commentary

By • Sep 13th, 2008 • Category: Cue Sports Comedy, Snooker Videos

A clip from the show Room 101. Kirsty Young’s pet hates include people without a volume dial when they speak. But with actors at least, it’s okay. A good thing too, as out walks Brian ‘DIIIIIIIIVE!’ Blessed.

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  1. The man is a legend

  2. HAHAHA that was funny!

  3. Brian is what you call ‘larger than life’

  4. i say we petition to get brian blessed to do the BBC Snooker commentary =p

  5. i could have farted that one in. Brilliant.

  6. rflmao! I just finished watching again his Have I got news for you which almost killed me it was so funny! This how snooker commentary should be done – if the player misses let them all know about it!

  7. kirsty young is soooo chunnnnngggg

  8. Blessed is great

  9. What are news readers supposed to do apart from ‘read the bloody news’? 😛

  10. “I could have farted that in!” quality

  11. Clive Everton and Ted Lowe, should of done that! ha ha!

    It would of been funny if they did that when its gone quite at the crucible!

  12. I know! The friendship and affection is lovely to watch. You can also see it in “Have I Got News For You”, when Brian was the host.

  13. Oh Calamity, Oh how,how,how!
    Cry havok and let slip the dogs of war!
    I couldv’e farted that in!
    The great steaming Pillok!

    Brian Blessed rules!!!!


    I love Brian Blessed. Absolutely love him.

  15. I could’ve farted that in!!

    I love him…

  16. kirsty young is sooooo hot!
    i love how brian and paul are friends. So sweet!

  17. Him and John Virgo at the crucible, that would get viewers!

  18. kirsty young is a milf

  19. i dont like blonde girls much but she is very pretty

  20. hahaha brian blessed is the shiz XD

  21. Oh wow, it’s Brian Blessed!! … Who the hell is Brian Blessed?!

  22. She supplied me with a great wank once.

  23. cant stand that cunt kirsty young..what has she ever done than read the bloody news!

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