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147 snooker break Video

By • Oct 25th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Videos, Viewers Billiard Video

147 snooker break made by Joe in practice

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  1. i agree. with line-up the balls are already there and its not really that difficult thats what separtes good players from pros. you need to make the breaks yourself. develop balls and have close cue-ball control whereas on line-up yu already have an easy sht on from start to finish

  2. you are too good,is my plesure to know someday!

  3. your a great player, but theres 1 problem with playig the line up and thats that your not using long potting and various other shots. Great player and break tho 😛

  4. unluky i wudve been PISSED OFF!

  5. ‘Table 14 your meal is ready!’

  6. Top drill hard stuff thats was smooth and steady. I’ll get there

  7. This drill is hard. After 8 months of playing I managed to get a 139 on it.

  8. nice shooting really injoyed some of those force-follow through shots. your a very good player i enjoyed your video alot

  9. yeah d joe

  10. Great game. I have been doing routiune line ups but hardly scored century. You were awesome. well done

  11. Oh this is wicked. Quality player.

  12. paulsy is correct….its more difficult doing the line up this way…love the alex higgins imitation on the last red….this guy hits the ball as good as anybody in the game…

  13. That was simple world class. i play for a team TBH we are playing tonight and am out too beat my record break of 140 and go one better. i tried to slam the black down for my first ever 147. i was in my pub where we play i have played 1 season i had my own table when i was young and this is my 2nd season of snooker and i was simple perfect with the shots everyone was behind me but the last shot was a long black i tried too hit it with pace but it rattled and was left over the other pocket.

  14. he’s good, i carnt get a 147 at the line out, my highist is 141. carnt keep on the black! only been playing 3 years and iv had a 108 in a match so im not to bothered 🙂

  15. 89 break after 3 years is great, it took me five years before I made my first 100 break in a game, good luck you might do your first 100 sooner than I did,regards Joe.

  16. simply awesome
    great drill aswell

  17. wtf? 😀 joe was active very long time ago

  18. this muthafucka is god:D

  19. his name is Joe Johnson.A legendary snooker pro

  20. very well done man I play a lot of snooker and i practice the line out, but that was top draw, great break, such a hard sport its unbelievable and you did it very well, my highest break is 89, only been playiny snooker for 3 years i love it thx!

  21. Are you a professional player

  22. lol any time

  23. Just a little typing error sweet heart.
    Thanks for the english lesson!

  24. sounds australian

  25. hi guys.can u guys provide me a free link where i can get all the 147 break videos in history of snooker so far.there r some on youtube but playe like james wattana etc ,old players nothing is related to there 147.any assistance will be appericiated.thnx

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