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Ronnie O’Sullivan – Maximum Break 147 – Snooker 2008

By • Sep 4th, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos

World Snooker Championship 2008 – Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan made his way to the quarterfinals of this years world championship. He ended up with a beautiful maximum break in the last and deciding frame against Mark Williams… enjoy!

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  1. If it’s so easy let’s see you do it.

  2. He’s still the best.

  3. i have to say ronnie is the ebst maximum player then hendry now but hendry is still one of the best players at the crucible cause he performs well.

  4. That was amazing. I love these videos.

  5. amazing just amazing, he is the best snooker player!!!, you won’t see anything better!!!

  6. Even though Ronnie won his third and prob deserved to, i cant help think that John Higgins would have beaten him if he had got through to semis. This is the rivalry to look forward to in future. Higgins v Ronnie.

  7. simply the best ever!! best of luck this evening!!!

  8. the best of snooker

  9. love how he just gets his down and takes the shot, no messin’ xD
    best thing to happen to snooker in decades

  10. he’s the king of snooker

  11. yeah dude… i was mixing it up coz i was watching the match Liang Wenbo – Joe Swail… anyway, actually it WAS deciding after all 😀

  12. ronnie ftw!!1

  13. A great break by a great player, but it was the last frame, not the deciding frame. The deciding frame in a best of 25 frames can ONLY be the 25th frame when the score is 12-12.

  14. Ronnie is the magnificent snooker player1.!.

  15. does anybody have a full ali carter 147 video, the day after this…..

    too bad ronnie only gets 1/2 of his bentley 🙂

  16. Ronnie is incredible – The Rocket !

    Hendry now tries to make a 147, too !

  17. best player ever to have lived..Genius =]

  18. wohoooo. ronnie rules. ;-D

  19. thats so sick!! he is really an incredible talent

  20. Awesome,Ronnie!
    It is your 3rd Maximum this season and 9th by far!
    I’ll watch how you defeat Out-law in the quarter final.
    Thanks for posting, mate!

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