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Snooker World Championship 2005 Williams vs. Milkins

By • Oct 23rd, 2008 • Category: Pool Tournament Videos, Snooker Videos


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  1. The Shots at 5.20, 6.20 are quite amazing and saved his maximum…great stuff

  2. that 1st shot from Milkins sure was careless.

  3. good positioning, thats the whole idea behind a good break isn’t it? great potting is a compliment to a great snooker mind.

  4. Amazing! There was couple so hard balls but he made them! 🙂 This is best 147 that I have seen. Sullivan make 147 fast but he handled cue ball much better (easyer to get it in). HERE IS TRUE POCKETING!

  5. great job! i was worried there for a minute. haha, my jaws killing me after clinching in fear for the last minute and a half

  6. Widescreen sucks.



  8. I love this game

  9. The video is nice but youtube will just delete it, girls are posting way better uncensored ones on SWEETDATEZ DOT COM

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  12. im not suprised, 99% of them have never heard of snooker!!! even tho pool was derived from it, lol.

  13. awesome playing

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  15. pool players can not play snooker simple as that

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  17. Yep, the balls are smaller and the pockets are bigger.

  18. arent the balls a lot smaller also?

  19. I’d like to see a pool player try to play this game. The table is twice as big, The pockets are half as big and the tip of the cue is half as big. I don’t know how anybody mises on a pool table. The pockets are like man-holes!

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