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Japanese Snooker Trick Shot Hero

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Billiard Trick Shots, Entertaining Billiard Videos

This guy surely has some experience in playing snooker. Check those tricks!

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  1. 4:35 – omg, nen stopball kann ich auch spielen -_-

  2. OH MY GOD! MAGIC! 😀

  3. Well, very nice effect, but it isn’t snooker.

  4. Yeah “magic” 😀 Everybody can make those shots if just practise every single day

  5. He is good, really good :O

  6. just like magic!

  7. He’s good but snooker don’t come into it. Its pool.

  8. sorry jimmy white.u fucking bell

  9. But i remember to say it is entertaining.

  10. I can`t believe that.That`s a trick,it`s not
    really.I`m sure.

  11. WOW 6:06 is roksaburo Michiba the original Iron chef japanese

  12. You think thats good check ppooler artisic pool

  13. that aint so very skilled you just know were to put the balls

  14. really agree with u guys!

  15. Of course every1 misses! the people that thumbs downed ur comment are idiots! I play a hell of a lot of pool (and speak quite a bit of japanese) and that was awesome! Very good

  16. Thank you. I’m glad you understand. Everybody misses sometimes.

  17. Lol why do you guys rate GeoJoe1000 down?? are you guys stupid? lol

  18. like me :DD

  19. Hey no ones perfect jstMichael especially bastards like you.

  20. LOL @ 5:51 EPIC FAIL!!!, NO EXCUSES FOR A PERSON WHO HAS WASTED 10 YEARS OF HIS LIFE JUST FOR THIS SHOW. but otherwise it was pretty good. better than me, still that epic fail is unnaceptable

  21. 3:16 was the sickest shot iv’e seen so far

  22. You just have to put the balls in the spot, and shot at the same spot everytime. Have to pratice the aim and strength only. Nothing special

  23. Great,also chek watch?v=y4Fz4gQL7rY

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