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SNL Oblivion Boys: “Pot Snooker” (1986)

By • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Entertaining Billiard Videos

This is an undiscovered gem from the first series of “Saturday Live”. The Oblivion Boys (Steve Frost and Mark Arden) serve up an inspired sketch filled with surreal and (largely) silent slapstick based around the phenomenom of televised snooker, which was becoming omnipresent on UK TV by the 80s. An interesting 80s pop culture moment occurs when the sketch briefly morphs into “Robin of Sherwood”, ( ) a popular 80s show on ITV with music by Clannad (From their album “Legend”). The name is a play of the title of a popular snooker show at the time called “Pot Black”.

(By the way, anyone that’s played snooker, or even watched it on TV, will tell you that the Oblivion Boys deliberately break nearly every rule in snooker right from the start of the sketch onwards. Not one move, even the seemingly non-jokey bits, is legal. 🙂 )


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  1. LOL at the pink at 5:25!

  2. There are so many great jokes packed into this clip, thanks so much for posting it. It’s so hard to find ANYthing featuring these two great comics! Didn’t they have their own show for awhile? I’d love to see that. They were always my favorite part of the Young Ones, and they’re both great when they pop up in things like Comic Strip and French & Saunders.

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  7. pot black not pot luck

  8. did it realy pass as comedy all those years ago?

  9. This sketch is great! I didn’t even know these guys; i just googled for them after spotting them in a Young Ones episode. They were cool! 😀

  10. clever guy!

  11. Yes, you’re right, that was them. And they featured a number of other times in various guises througout the series.

  12. Click the “more” on the description for more info about snooker (Which is slightly different to pool), and the “Pot Snooker” reference…

  13. Do I recognize these 2 from those cops on a Young Ones episode? And those 2 skins trying to make the party in another episode? Funny – I need to search up more from these

  14. and we just say pool in the uk… when the game is actually pool.

  15. snooker and pool are very different games

  16. Not really sure whats going on here, but what’s “pot snooker”? We just say pool in the U.S.

  17. Thank you. Me bruv and I used to look out for these every week on saturday live. Brilliant.

  18. afff q idiota

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