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Snooker Ronnie O’Sullivan 147 break UK Championship 15.12.07

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Feature

“It was nice to give the crowd something to cheer about at the end,” said O’Sullivan. “This is a great venue and a great tournament but my snooker tonight was not great, it was so poor. I played 16 poor frames but everyone now will be talking about the 147 so I feel like I’ve cheated, or taken a short cut. I’d rather have won 9-3, playing solid and not making any unforced errors. “The first black in the 147 was a blind shot but it wasn’t as hard as it looked. It was 8-8 and I felt like I wanted to get something out of the game, to go out in a blaze of glory. Once I got to 40 I decided to go for it, and I felt a few butterflies which was good. “It’s nice to get to eight 147s, I’d like to get to double figures, maybe get one at the Masters and at Sheffield and make four this season.

“Mark had the upper hand for most of the match, he’s a tough competitor, you don’t get to a world final otherwise. At 6-3 I was losing it, really struggling. There was no fluency, no power or finesse in my shots. I was a foot out on some of my positional shots.” As for the match with Maguire, O’Sullivan added: “Stephen said in an interview that he’s been watching me and noticed I’m giving away chances. He’s right, and only a few people would recognise that. I’ve been playing quickly and scoring ok, which has camouflaged the fact that I’m making a lot of mistakes. The bookmakers will make me favourite for tomorrow but I’d make Stephen favourite. If I play like I did today I’ll get beaten because Stephen is a winner.”

Selby said: “It was a brilliant end to the match. I’ve had a good week and I wouldn’t change anything. At 7-5 I had a good chance in the balls and after that it seemed to change.”

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25 Responses »

  1. youve got to be jelouse of his talents.

  2. that’s ronnie for you. when he’s on, he’s really tough to beat. but when he’s not feeling it, his competitors don’t even feel the gratification when they beat him, because they want to beat him at his best.

  3. he is so talented its unreal

  4. to be fair, when ronnie isnt playing his best te top players can beat him, of he loses his had anyone can, but at his best no one in the history of the game is better

    and no one but ronnie could have done a 147 ina fianl frame of a major tournament like this

  5. Fatty lee!! nice one! he’s a big guy. probably the best example of someone coming on the sceene and playing fantistic snooker, then a few years later playing club level snooker. I’m not a big selby fan either

  6. well rocket iz mii snooker inspiration mii idol i can play wiv left or right hand not gud as him buh am ok dats wah i wud buh hes dah best in dah world long live rocket

  7. He’s the best.

  8. serious?? that is so cool…i envy you, lol.

  9. I have seen him 4 times at the northern ireland trophy and it was absolute amazing

  10. hell yeah, i would literally give anything to go to one of his games. It’d be a real treat to see him play in real life.

  11. Yes but they were funny, no?

  12. hey, i was on about his snooker not his suggestive comments.

  13. Did you enjoy Ronald O’Sullivan’s cruelty towards the Chinese?

  14. if…but thats the difference between a mark selby and ronnie o’sullivan

  15. He is just incredible! People say that Hendry is better because he’s won more titles etc but Ronnie is the most entertaining player ever to pick up a cue and the most naturally talented and the best break builder, this is shown by his amazing 9 147s! He’s awesome!

  16. yeah i love watching the master kick the shit out of others.

  17. Gforce – Do you enjoy Ronald O’Sullivan?

  18. Why vote him down? I can’t even break 100..

  19. Why you say he couldn’t?? Selby led in some time, I think it was 6-3. If Selby would have potted that red at the start of this final frame I think he would have won this!

  20. Liked the shot at 02:06. It was amazing black! Ronnie is the best! Also love watching him play.

  21. o’sullivan is well respected by all, even by me. I love watching him play and he relates to tiger woods of golf, federer of tennis. I hope he doesn’t take next year off.

  22. It’s like watching pool!

  23. Selby is also a good player, but he couldn’t do anything against O’Sullivan

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