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Ten Snooker Shots

By • Aug 28th, 2008 • Category: Snooker Feature

This snooker video makes up a nice little string of 10 lucky tricky and planned snooker shots.

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  1. haha, well spotted

  2. How do you play snooker?

  3. What the fuck is this? Shit is what.

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  5. stop at 3:02 and you will see the guy sitting down fliking the other guy

  6. wtf is this shit? this is so god damn ez.. seriously go search pool999 he kicks ass at snooker. this is gayy.. 1/5.

  7. lol,Ebdon’s banana

  8. Maybe they’re important because some are frame balls? Or maybe required more side than could be predicted? Just maybe.

  9. shot 2 wtf thats shit, shot 3 wernt thats hard 4 was piss ass easy but commentator welsh ftw! 5. was only a pot and a lil spim into the reds pfft 6 was a strait shot 7 pretty good 8 a snooker.. 9..not worth putting on youtube nvm the rest and 10!! lol it gets worse and worse hes under oressure hes a world class snooker players he can deal with pressure ffs that was a standard shot 1/5

  10. What a shot by Ebdon at number 9, how did he get on the black from there!!??

  11. When you “snooker” someone, it means that you set the other up a situation where the other has no direct line to hit a ball that he needs to hit. So he’d have to use the sides. It’s trying to cause the other one to commit a foul, and therefore lose a few points. So people would usually do this when it’s a close match and only a few points could decide the game.

  12. i guess it mean that if he would have made a mistake he would leave an open table with many free reds to pot and that could (could..i dunno what the score was) end the match with his opponent cleaning the table up

  13. Not neccesarily. Sometimes a safety shot is all you need.

  14. arent they suppose to go in?

  15. What was the “pressure shot” (last one) about?

  16. lol thers a guy with a white glove at 3″02 sticking his middle finger

  17. Rofl if u pause it during 3:01 to 3:03 look in the back u see a guy wit a white glove giving the middle finger!


  19. 4 n 10 ?.. not that impressive

  20. wat are snooker shots

  21. yes, you dont play snooker

  22. 3 of them were mark selby’s!

  23. Most of them are just getting in one ball in a pretty straight shot, smooth but am I missing something??

  24. referee 😛

  25. haha crazy shots. especially at 3:02 that guy was pissed and gave that guy the finger haha

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