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Snooker Best Of – Snooker Bloopers and Misses

By • Sep 12th, 2008 • Category: Cue Sports Comedy, Entertaining Billiard Videos, Snooker Videos

some misses, some faces… comment

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  1. Ken Dorothy ?????????????????? lol

  2. Do tou know the title of this song? Ciao from Italy

  3. Ronnie looks really alike the referee Michaela Tabb in the background at 0.50

  4. at 1:04 he he said fucking hell

  5. ronnie is da best although on this he looks chinese XD

  6. why is the song so shit?

  7. lool…:))) very nice:D

  8. Ken Dorothy?!

  9. he still plays snooker he just has to qualify for the tv events which hes struggling to do. he sadly might be off the pro tour next season. hes still a great character though

  10. hehe it is true that snooker without a few characters is rather boring…but as a i would rather have Tony play pool and WIN (as he does quite often) than watch him get bored with snooker…he said that his main source of income is pool anyway…and he is great at it…whole frames in 30 seconds….now that’s fast…

  11. It shud have showen Ken Dorothys missed black off the spot for a 147

  12. Drago has gone to the sucker sport “pool”god!come back to snooker Tony,it’s needs all the character’s it can get

  13. haha the nugget and drago seem to feature quite alot.. i miss tony he was a fantastic charachter


  15. davis,swail and drago good guy but i wish we could seen a little bit more of drago:(

  16. jaajajajajajaj

  17. hehehe… davis and drago ! what a wonderful game. thx for the upload.

  18. great vid slug only me again any more john higgins vids if u have please upload cheers mate!

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